50 Endorsements… and Counting

We are excited to share with you that the campaign team have received endorsements from around 50 academics and human rights advocates from the GCC countries, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Algeria and Morocco in support Dr. Al-Hamid’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Campaign had started earlier last month with great support from the online community and prominant figures such as Dr. Madawi Al-Rasheed of Britain as well as other supporters from Europe.

Six associations mostly from GCC countries had also sent their endorsements to the campaign team among which the Gulf Forum for Civil Societies that endorse Dr. Al-Hamid for the prize firstly. The alhamid4nobel campaign team renew call upon academics, human rights advocates (individuals or associations), governments members and peace prize winners to support our candidate who is spending a long term in prison ONLY for his peaceful struggle towards political reforms and human rights defense.

Visit our Get Involved page to see how YOU can make a difference by simply filling the endorsement form or signing the online petition… and more!

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