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These are four selected excerpts from Dr. Al-Hamid’s book ” The civil Society Treble” which consists of 110 pages investigating the concept of civil society.

The 3 Factors of Civil Society

1. Values

Such as freedom, justice, dignity and Shura

2. Constitutional Procedures

Procedures such as separating the authorities,  stating the rights of citizens and defining the governor authority as an executive via the elected council of the nation ‘s Congress. An authority to draw the public policy of the State and monitor the performance of Government and get punished in failure and the judiciary independence.

3. Civil Society Gatherings

It is professional social, cultural and economic communities Continue reading

What is a civil society?

Idiomatic Meaning

There are three meanings integrated in the word “civil”:

  1. To  be designated in the political and social culture by the basis of the state such as human rights which are innately known and confirmed by the laws as the human right for food, housing, education … and freedom and dignity.
  2. The relationship between the ruler and the nation is a contract and a compromise, whereupon the state saves people’s freedom and rights, in equality, justice and dignity, and the people obey on this basis. In this sense, the civil society is not against the state but against the singling of the state and civil society decision appears through associations which reflect the opinion of civil society. Thus, the state do not settle the interests of  people, but people are the ones who decide what their interests are .
  3. That the guarantor against the community assassination and the guarantor of the state long life is to enable the civil society gatherings and relatively-independent  civil  association within the state.

At dismantling  the idiom (civil society groups) we find that it combines Continue reading

How Does the State Ensure Justice?

Why did the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) change Yathrib name to Al-Madina, and forbid his companions to call it Yathrib again?

It was the symbolic function of civilian life creed, and the launch of an Islamic civil society in which people migrate from brutal desert life to a high civil life.

Our ancestors should grasp that the reason for the fall of the caliphate is the fragility of civil society groupings.

Civil society is the key to the advancement and stability, our ancestors broke that key and lost it, the most ignorant people of such concepts are the so-called educated religious .

How does the state ensure justice? Continue reading