Come to the Peaceful Jihad instead of Militant

Jihad has been associated in our Arabic and Islamic culture with carrying a weapon and associated, too, with defending against outside invaders…and Arabs have paid attention to the issue of peaceful change as more than one hundred countries over the past fifty years moved from dictatorship to democratic rule through peaceful methods… In this country our desert culture still exists and faith in the sword as a remedy for things still exists…and because of that those who advocated for peaceful reform after the Gulf War were dealt a fatal blow by the country, and people split into three categories:

1. The class that smoldered and fell into silent hibernation

2. The class that went to the outside world and called for bringing down the state through peaceful action

3. The class that carried the weapons

In my opinion, those who took up arms or who called for bringing down the state made a big mistake in understanding the nature of political change in nations and peoples.

Let’s start the story from the beginning by saying to those young people who are looking for jihad and martyrdom outside the Arab Peninsula, that peaceful jihad to establish peaceful governance within the peninsula…is a thousand times’ greater priority than military jihad outside the peninsula. It’s known that our culture, or specifically the official religious culture in the Saudi Arabia, is a repression and succession-rule culture through the principle of surrender to or patience with the unjust system…because the official religious establishment and judges have developed the principle of patience toward the unjust system twice.

The first time they moved to the idea of patience toward the unjust Imam, it was done by Abbasi scholars who were far away from power in both wealth and work…but in Saudi Arabia they supported the power and made themselves judges and muftis and weren’t content with only supporting unjust power, but also supported the rule of racial discrimination… This rule was considered the third step in the theory of patience toward the unjust system.

It is not surprising to find a judge issued an instrument for this… We have a picture document issued by one of the judges on 25 / Dhu al-Hijjah [December] / 1433… He sentenced nineteen refugees to flagellation and imprisonment…and he explained the punishment by the fatwa of Ibn Baz and Ibn Othameen… This violence…and this is the violence that produced the violent youth…(And I am sorry if I mentioned the two sheikh’s fatwa; we all appreciate scientists and scholars, but when they depart from their specialization and enter into political fatwas that might strike the nation, then it must said that this is wrong—and our youth must be more precious to us than any fatwa that may not be taking into account the purposes of Islam shown in the definitive texts.) Thus, the religious school and her judgment is a natural product of violence and granted a green card to prison for Sheikh Salman al-Awdah and Safar al-Hawali and the like…andit granted the sultan a whip that flagellated thousands…like human rights committees, and it cut the livelihood of advocates and placed them in prisons… There is no doubt that we are now suffering from the effects of this school.

And it had two types of effects:

It struck the people so that they became resigned and had double personalities, and therefore many of them did not realize why Saudis would become the biggest perpetrators of international violence. They did not realize the essence of twin repression—religious and political—which was based on the alliance between the scientists and the princes and is the basis of violence.

This advocates questioned the conditions of allegiance to the Quran and sunnah, or to the social contract that is the mandate of every nation, and asked the judge and deputy and minister in articles, and one of them asked the hasm committee. The statement issued by hasm or civil society advocates asked the Saudi interior minister: Why prevent the people’s right to assemble and demonstrate peacefully?!

Most perpetrators of international violence are Saudis because the ministry of interior and the judiciary and senior scientists make up the triangle that produces oppression and extremism, violence and tension, and treats problems in this country similarly to the view of Abu Nawas:

Put the blame away from me, as the blame is attraction…and treat with what was the treatment

It is as if the religious Saudi school and its judges almost suggest with closed minds that people have to subject their money, dignity, freedom, and will to a thief. We can say that the Saudi political repression began a long time ago…from the time of two Imams, Mohammad Bin Saud and Mohammad Bin Abd Al Wahab…the intention of these two imams was major reform that addressed the problems of their time in a generation or two, but relied on the theory of the fair tyrant. There is no doubt that the dictator cannot continue to be fair even if he seemed fair…and thus, this has turned now into Saudi political repression—a Siamese twin characterized by violence and political extremism—because after the political repression took place, the religious speech turned from patience into a support for repression without any pause… One day King Faisal thought that justice is based on legitimacy, rather than an alliance with some scholars, but he retreated, it seems, because he could not dispense scholars to make a fatwa to crush the demonstrators… This Saudi religious school justified prisons and torture and destruction of livelihoods…and did not tell young people that peaceful jihad to establish the rule of shuri on the peninsula is a solution that is a thousand times more useful than a military jihad abroad. This school did not ask why the ruler recruited young people to fight in Afghanistan, and then arrested them when they returned… Was the Saudi ruler afraid young people returned trained to resourcefully use arms? So why did he send them to jihad outside the border? Did he not think about the outcome of things? Their was an absence of strategy in trying to unload the energies of young people outside the borders without thinking about the consequences, as if giving them tickets to go without returning. One of the problems was that the military jihad abroad turned into a business without a compass, it may be in it,  as happened in Afghanistan where there was only a semi-compass, and if it was meant to engage in major state strategy, goals, and ambitions, that was not visible to these young people. Now who wouldn’t strike blows in Iraq and America against the disbelievers and teams from the people of Qibla if they were charged by speech to unload their energy from a local peaceful jihad to an external military Jihad… What will be the result?!!

Jihad in Islam is against the aggression not against the disbelievers, as imagined by some young people.

Then when violence happened in this country the Siamese-twin political and religious school did not indicate to the people that violence and extremism are a product of this twin…as if they wanted to wash their hands of the fruits of their fatwas and the culture established through generations, but did this also in a repressive manner.

It was previously the responsibility of the senior scientific authority to turn the young people’s enthusiasm from the outside military jihad to interior peaceful jihad…but why didn’t it do so? It’s understood for Iraq, Yemen, and America that religious schools instructed youth to it… Of course they did not charge them directly, but the culture studied by these young people is the one that forced them to go outside; didn’t they know the result that would be produced by the twin building blocks of violence and extremism?

When the Saudi religious schools give an advisory opinion that jihad is against disbelievers and that Allah`s conditions are extremist, then it’s normal for these youth to disbelieve moderate Islamic teams as well as aggregations. And it’s normal for these youth to charge against disbelievers in every place and against every person who they consider has breached the terms of Allah`s conditions. They have the illusion that he is disbeliever whether their view is correct or not—because jihad is not against disbelievers but rather against aggression. And it’s normal for all countries to be afraid for these youth to own and have experience with military instruments to destroy the world, like what happened in America.

None of the senior scientific authorities or others with that stream of thought said, Wait. As we shared in producing these youth, and shared in removing them from the correct priorities, so let’s repair our sins.

This is what civil community advocates repeated and began to simplify into two words:

Twin, Saudi twin repression, like a totalitarian repressive-rule manufacturer for all kinds of hatred and extremism, corruption and violence. It should not disown responsibility for the global violence… These young people came from its production, so he cannot say tI am innocent of you.

And with the suppression of a large number of writers, journalists and media professionals, human rights activists, and opinion makers, isn’t the snuffler of repression twin?!

For political reform, civil society advocates say we should establish a new religious discourse that embraces shuri governance and human rights, but the Saudi repression twin is mottled with religion batting.

How were the likes of Sheikh Osama bin Laden raised?!

He was a brave man of honest intent struggling in Afghanistan… He then returned to his country, where people like him should have had a place and a role. When the government crushed the peaceful movement, bin Laden was frequently visited by some of the elders, as has been said—elders such as Ibn Baaz and Ibn Uthaymeen—and it was his right to take part in his country. He wanted to establish a peaceful association but had a lookout repression. he twin repression embraced him and in turn honored and acknowledged his role and the role of like people… But it did not want to open to peaceful movement. It closed in front of bin Laden’s means, and burst like a volcano, and exploding volcanoes do not need to seek the legitimacy of scientists’ opinions.

We have three streams: the Bin Laden stream, the culture of patience toward the unjust stream, and the civil society advocates stream.

In fact, we do not want to get into any conflicts with these streams… But it is essential that civil society advocates participate by expressing their views in favor of the young people not using their youthful energy to destroy things and destroy their country and their families.

The peaceful stream advocates for the situation as Abu Tayeb said:
And only roman behind your back Roman.. Toward which two sides tend and wish the enemies are two, but they are three:

1. The tyranny of an unjust ruler perched
2. The style of the surrender for an unjust ruler
3. The youths’ belief that the road to reform is weapons

We must first renew our speech by removing the dust and setting aside shrinking religious discourse, which embodies the patience school on unjust imam that refuse to consider protests lawful and to consider peaceful jihad. Secondly, set aside the bin Laden school of speech, and show that it’s a reaction to a repressive approach that responds to the problem by using the same methods—meaning it connects the violence and tyranny of extremism with violent anti-extremism.

We civil society advocates bear our role and bear the arrows of the two-sect veto, and bear offensive material and moral support from all sects, and sing with many:
We reiterate the call… the word not the bullet…the coming is prior to the outgoing… Let us continue the journey, especially in light of the success of the peaceful revolutions.

Oppression and injustice, whether at home, at school, or in government produces three categories:
1. The submissive majority
2. The rebels who express their rebellion by violence
3. The rebels who express rebellion peacefully through civil society’s values and methods

All of them are heading to create a vindicatory speech to confirm that they have the right argument… Protesting in texts is something that challenges through construing, and each diligent is rewarded. Even the outlawed Rashidi caliphs like Ali Bin Abi Taleb are diligent, and their diligence is dulcet but they are mistaken in the method.

So how about those who outlaw an unjust ruler or dictator?

We reiterate the call for the surrender of the unjust Sultan School, as from the early Abbasi era your approach prevailed…so have you ever once established shuri rule that lasted or was stable for fifty years?

We reiterate the call to the weapons carriers…you are carrying weapons for fourteen hundred years…since the fall of the caliphate by the sword, but were you ever able to establish stable shuri rule?

Meanwhile for over fifty years, the world’s peaceful work has been done by hundreds of countries with democratic and shuri rule. And civil society has succeeded in Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen for weeks and months. And who jumped over the changing norms fell, as the poor fell, as the victims of the culture of patience toward the unjust imam fell…these are hearing jihad and those are in a war of jihad, and the result is the same..

How can we be free from foreign domination without starting to establish shuri rule, where the mandate of the nation will be on every prince and judge and minister and director? And even if you who carry weapons get the victory, you will only produce a sectarian state ruled by the princes and bilateral scientists that cemented tyranny.

The most important reasons for our failure in this country are spending the energies of young people brimming with vitality and chivalry, sacrificing their dignity to the world reality, which is full of deceit and weapons. Dictators do not scare them away from carrying weapons because they find it an easy justification for striking the whole people… But they are afraid of peaceful means.

When women detainees staged a sit-in in Buraydah 1428, it is said that a gentle male detective said: Bombing five buildings is easier on Nayef than one protest…because the women’s protest gained the sympathy of the audience.

Yes, jihad in Afghanistan was a legitimate activity to resist the unjust foreign invaders… But when individuals are lured into the midst of major countries’ strategies or lured by an unfair imam, then they can’t get access to opportunity or get out. Therefore their culture returned to bombing in Iraq and America against Islamic teams or disbelievers. The bombing of the U.S. consulate in Libya, for example, what does it indicate? It indicates that the break in the ranks of the people of violence is doubling, or that the people of violence are without a compass to balance between profits and losses, or that they are prisoners of rebel logic and emotional reactions. Why do they surrender to a scholar’s fatwa that doesn’t realize the international equations or Islamic purposes or priorities?!

Is it not shuri rule on the peninsula that will propel human energy, and save power and ethics and integrity and money, and make the country as strong as Japan?

Isn’t making peaceful jihad on the peninsula to strengthen the center of Islam a thousand times better than the unjust jihad in other parts of the world?

For political reform we should then establish a new religious discourse that embraces the peaceful jihad.

Yes, it is possible to tell the West (meaning Western foreign people like those in Europe and America) but will the West hear us? It is possible to say to the European and American countries that in order to explode volcanoes, we do not need the fatwas of scholars of the law, as they arise according to the call of nature.

Do the Americans remember that they practiced terrorism? Did they not drop bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan? But will we imitate their mistakes?! As Chomsky said: Why did American politics lead to extremism and terrorism? Because it supported Israel. And the same is true of European policy because it has wronged the world, Arabs, and Muslims, and established Israel as a country.

We say to the Americans and Europeans: Did you understand that violence is an ally of its method and not an ally of its product, and that it is loyal to its method and not to its product? And will you not be able to adapt the Sunni approach to intolerance for a cult or to support systems of racial discrimination in the Gulf?

When do they discover that the beaten and suppressed Islamic people may explode and rush to their instincts?! The cause of the explosion is pressure, and the tense few who do not find an outlet or exit for its energy might explode or commit suicide, and this is what the pedagogy and sociology have said.

But the heavenly religions as well as Islam are not the source of the bombing or destroying… Instead it’s the tensions, and tension comes from human nature. Did the Americans realize that their fear was not of the Russians or Iran…but of their best ally after Israel, the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and the Arabic Gulf States such as Saudi Arabia? Do Westerners understand what human rights advocates have been repeating? Dear Americans, you have lost in one strike five buildings for the value of what you earned from desert oil in fifty years.

When will Westerners realize the consequences of their alliance with the worst systems of racial discrimination since the date which used Islam to steal people’s money, dignity, and freedom? In order not to get the tense groups from the bottle of their best alliance in the Arab Peninsula and Gulf, we say, you Americans and Europeans, if you want safety then ally with the people. Ally with the people and not the unjust rulers, so the people won’t have hatred and disgust for you.

This is the explanation of violence, but we don’t justify the bombings or carrying weapons against civilians, and this is not morally or politically or religiously permitted…and the civil community advocates don’t justify any extremism or violence, but rather they explain, and there is a difference between explaining and justifying.

So we can’t advise Europeans and Americans because they will not hear or listen to us, but we say to the youth of Islam: be aware of this path you walk on, which will not lead to what you want. So come to the peaceful jihad of Islam, young people. The concept of peaceful opposition against opening your chest to machine gun bullets is the best method to guide people. Some heedless scholars will say that the prophet’s speech, which they believe is from Allah, is specialized in defending against the spiritual splitting of Islam, so they keep the monotheism and Islam with its limits… This is an old opinion from the Abbasi era and has still been repeated till now.

Monotheism is just: that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. And the declaration of faith isn’t done till the people are freed from fear and begging other than from Allah, as the correct hadith showed that said “follow the sunnah of who came before you,” and the correct hadith “to breach the Islam buttonhole,” and the correct hadith “the first thing you lose from your religion is honesty.” The Allah advocates should realize the importance of riding the ships of peaceful jihad to the island of shuri rule and to a cheaper life, so they can macadamize the road for a nation looking for a model teaching from them that the work continues and is scarifying .

It is a peaceful jihad, it is the quiet word, and the flowing protest…defeats the crawler armored tank and the cannon’s existence in the cities. It’s the winged quiet word in the fixed position… It’s the greater peaceful jihad and the audience of soft power that tamps the might of thrones.

We saw with our own eyes the certainty of the news that the West realized that supporting the Arab Spring was of strategic interest to them.

Did the West believe that the relationship that guaranteed their interests, and the people and the unjust king that still repeated terrorism, were only to be fooled and played with? Or when the Western rulers saw the peaceful revolutions were they forced to support them because the Western public no longer believed their deceit?

Nexon one day called his people to  “take advantage of opportunities”: yes, to take advantages of opportunities, so why don’t we take advantage of opportunities? The chances for peaceful struggle in the world have been tried and have succeeded, which means peaceful jihad for us, as Prophet Mohammad called for it (peace be upon him). For those who are looking to keep the domination away, realize that it will only be kept away through shuri rule.

If when the Gulf War happened in 1411 hijri, the people had set up dozens of human rights associations and demanded shuri rule through protests and took advantage of the impasse in the racial discrimination rule to correct its path, then it would be as the poet said:

If your wind blows then take advantage of it … so for each whisk its silence

Even if the opportunities come, they will not serve those who are afraid to sacrifice or walk without a compass. Whoever has wheat and the wind blows it will plant it; and whoever doesn’t have wheat, then the wind will plant him. The world has changed a lot, so in the era of satellite channels and the Internet and Facebook and Twitter, Westerners will not be able to support a Saudi king like Faisal, who will destroy the protest in Dammam and Thahran and Riyadh, or a Jordanian king like Hussein, who will crush it in Amman. Likewise, the West will not manage a military coup to overthrow Menderes in Turkey or Ali Bhutto in Pakistan, or a military coup that overthrows the Save front in Algeria.

And we ask our youth, the students of military jihad…if outside violence is allowed in Islam, then where is the count for the losses and spirits? If we have a bomb, then can we bomb Washington? If it’s allowed—and it’s not—don’t we imagine that the Americans will hit us as they did Hiroshima? Then will it be enough to be loyal and scarify for the salvation?

There must be a compass…to build shuri-rule countries through peaceful jihad first. Throughout the whole of history, killing kings and presidents and bombing buildings and facilities did not succeed. It only increased the spread of tyranny. Is not Hosni Mubarak’s curse worse than Sadat’s?

So the peaceful jihad is our only choice. And we ensure that setting up shuri rule in the Arab Peninsula will propel the human energy and make the countries strong. But we don’t call for overthrow of the ruling system…we call for the constitutional monarchy. And through the peaceful jihad, the shuri constitutional monarchy will be achieved, and this is better than to adventure and try to limit reform by thinking that there will be no change in ruling except by overthrow. We must try to demand constitutional monarchy first, and through the peaceful movement reach the desired end: for the rulers to either reform or retire.

In order to get out of the fantasies and succeed, we must be realistic…and walk on the ground in humility. Finally, the peninsula’s peaceful jihad to strengthen the center of Islam is a thousand times better than jihad in other parts of the world.

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