Gulf Forum Nominates Dr. Al-Hamid for Nobel Peace Prize

The Gulf Forum for civil society organizations nominated human rights activist Zainab Al-Khawaja and Abdullah Al-Hamid to the Nobel Peace Prize for the coming year. The Forum declared in a statement on Friday:

“After much research and lengthy debate between Gulf elite to push for the completion of the rule of law and the Constitution in various Gulf countries that  their people pay  today for demanding reform which all Gulf countries promised to achieve for years and decades but few of the promises have not been achieved,   personalities of the gulf, men and women, have paid the price so that the people of the Gulf would be blessed with freedom and democracy to reach the ranks of civilized nations and of the rule of law and the constitutions of the modern nation, that reflect the aspirations of peoples of the region. Since such demands have become today an essential requirement of legitimate and  as a result of procrastination and attempts to delay the achievement of these aspirations of the peoples of the Gulf , and also as a result of attempts to actively carried out by organized Gulf involvement of activists jurists and politicians who languish today in the prisons and detention centers , we have decided to nominate all of Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamid and Zainab Al-Khawaja for the Nobel Peace Prize for the coming year.”

The form has form a working group  to communicate with the Department of the Nobel Peace Prize to provide all the documents and certificates, which emphasizes that Dr. Abdullah Al-Hamid and Zainab Al-Khawaja had submitted  their entire efforts for the advancement and development of their community and are still languishing in prisons, where the trials are unfair and lacking the most basic legitimate rights, which should be available for each of the accused.

The forum called upon “Gulf activists to support this effort in honor and recognition of gratitude for Al-Hamid and Al-Khawaja, who are paying the price of our freedom.

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