How Does the State Ensure Justice?

Why did the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) change Yathrib name to Al-Madina, and forbid his companions to call it Yathrib again?

It was the symbolic function of civilian life creed, and the launch of an Islamic civil society in which people migrate from brutal desert life to a high civil life.

Our ancestors should grasp that the reason for the fall of the caliphate is the fragility of civil society groupings.

Civil society is the key to the advancement and stability, our ancestors broke that key and lost it, the most ignorant people of such concepts are the so-called educated religious .

How does the state ensure justice?

How can the state be fair? Only by the adoption of social, economic, civic and cultural rights for both individuals and communities.

And how to ensure these rights? By constitutional governing and total authority’s separation, and emerging the parliamentary concept, “Shura”.

What’s the way to reach this goal? one proven truth in every place and time: the values ​​of civil society.

Although the term “civil society” is western, however, the concept is inherent in the Arab-Islamic culture.

In his book, Dr.Al-Hamid sets in the first article most of the questions and hypotheses of the research, to be discussed in the following articles as follows:

  • The relationship between political reform and civil society is proportional, every society without civic values ​​including its constitutional and rally framework cannot guarantee justice.
  • The reason for the loss of civil society values in the Arab countries lies in an Abbasid draft which granted the ruler the three authorities. Comparing this with the Prophet , peace be upon him and his followers , is a wrong measurement since prophets Mohammad peace be upon him and his successor has a privacy that is not given to the Amoy or Abbasid successor.
  • The failure of the concept of civil society to root in Arab culture is due to a complicated illness: a desert and ancient concepts which cemented the oppressive education curriculum in religious, political and social thoughts.
  • Islam is not responsible about this dilemma and such suspicion made by some liberals of civil society advocates, who considered the Abbasid draft an honest mirror to the characterization of Islam.

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