The 3 Factors of Civil Society

1. Values

Such as freedom, justice, dignity and Shura

2. Constitutional Procedures

Procedures such as separating the authorities,  stating the rights of citizens and defining the governor authority as an executive via the elected council of the nation ‘s Congress. An authority to draw the public policy of the State and monitor the performance of Government and get punished in failure and the judiciary independence.

3. Civil Society Gatherings

It is professional social, cultural and economic communities including the political groups such as political parties.

The functions of civil society groupings:

  • Defending the interests of its members and increasing the level of the profession and publicizing it.
  • Permanent renewal in the state, for example, the judiciary associations, we may find several functions:
    • Promote a sense of the importance of the profession
    • Develop ethical conventions
    • Strengthen training efforts
    • Leadership development and encourage judicial reform

Functions of Civil Society Groupings and General Eligibility

To raise awareness for public and to contribute social work to achieve the interests of the nation to form the effect , whether in the public or the decisions of the executive branch , such as bar associations , one of the most important blocs of civil society to support justice. Lawyers play an important role in the independence of the judiciary, they can bring cases before the ordinary courts  to appeal against the special military courts and to prove unconstitutional , and the Bar Association ‘s participation in the appointment of judges challenge of an alliance between the executive, legislative and judicial branches and raise the level of the selection of candidates and limit the judges feeling of gratitude towards the state .

The task of educating the public in judicial matters is important as well to support justice and compensation for lack of transparency.

Thus, the civil community groups promote popular participation to compile and develop interests and to contribute in the economic and social reform and embodies the natural relationship between the state and society.

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