The Committee of Senior Scholars support to those whom has stolen the people’s money and dignity

Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you. We thank God that there is no god but Him,- and peace be upon  the Prophet Muhammad who was sent to accomplish morals and did not differentiate between people and made justice, and peace be upon his companions and those who followed them in any time and any place.

This research includes passages about the importance of renewing the Saudi religious discourse to be a speech that embraces justice rule or constitutionality . When I started thinking about the topic , I found that the beginning of this episode entitled ” the support of the committee of senior scholars to those whom has stolen people’s money and  dignity”, and their freedom as well,  I realized that this episode should be followed by another episode about the role of the senior scholars in breaking up the concepts of citizenship,  pluralism and  tolerance, and the committee’s  role in the production of violence and extremism , and then another episode will be about the corruption approach inferred when the senior scholars interpret Quran verses and sayings with deceitful explanations , and take what they want.

Furthermore, they made use of some interpretation of leading Imams, like two ancient scholars, Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Ahmad Ibn Taymiyyah. Then, there is perhaps a research or a lecture on the parameters of religious discourse that must embraces the constitutional rule so strong to face the common religious discourse, which advocates for prayer behind the unjust Imam and  to bear living with his everlasting  violation over peoples’  freedom, justice and equality.

I’ll try to brief as much as possible , and I was thinking to give many details , but when I tweet  some of  topic thoughts via my Twitter account, I found that people have understood a lot of these things and  need no more details . So I will just mention some points and focus on  four points related to the opinions of the senior scholars . And the first of these fatwas is the advisory opinion issued on  Rabi Athani 1st-  1432 (2011) , which states that Saudi Arabia is ruling  on the Quran and Sunnah bases and the pledge of Allegiance . It seems to be that the senior scholars do not know the concept of Allegiance and legitimacy nor do they  know the Saudi regime . I do not know where can we find such evidences for their claims!!!

I will put some points which prove that the pledge of allegiance and the Saudi regime legitimacy are contradictory. There is no such thing as a pledge of allegiance, there is the rule of racial discrimination, they apply the law” if the noble stole, they left him, and if the poor stole, they punish him”. Look, for example, at  the case of the Jeddah drowning  catastrophe as a model !!

 The princes and their entourage monopoly of most of the country’s funds and territory , does this prove that the government has a legitimate pledge of allegiance ? Moreover, the Saudi political system  is neglecting the principle of the authority of the nation on the governors and the principle of protecting the State and Sharia . This principle stipulated by Ibn Taymiyyah . The nation keeps Sharia , and this is indicated by the explicit evidence from the Quran. The verse addresses people as ( O ye who believe ) , did not say scholars or O ye princes , but said ( O ye who believe ). Then the Saudi regime violated the principle of the inadmissibility  of taking violence as a means to retain or access authority. The major Islamic principle is to have access to authority peacefully and never rule by force . So where is the pledge of allegiance or legitimacy of the senior scholars ?!!

As the Saudi political system does not believe in the power of the nation, this system refused to approve an effective draft for civil associations, because they considered it an acknowledgement of popular authority . Moreover, this system did not produce laws for the integrity and fairness of the judiciary to protect the rights of citizens. How can the system be based on the Quran and Sunnah and is criminalizing political opposition at the same time , no  political parties are allowed, nor the power transition, nor oversight , nor accountability are allowed either. the popular figures in the Saudi regime always declare taking authority by force, so where is the legitimacy and allegiance on the Quran and Sunnah ? an allegiance made by the sword and horror . Then they wonder about the source of this violence, fanaticism and extremism?!!

 The extremism and terrorism was a result of preventing peaceful movements . Saudi regime system embodied the features of the apartheid system located in South Africa , all the decisions and regulations issued by the princes and it is spreading in the state’s body.  Royal princes are monopolizing  all state facilities, wealth and power together because of the name of the family.  More than a hundred Princes are running the major governmental  occupations with an old bureaucratic system, what does this have to do with Quran and prophet’s sayings ? It is widely known that the bureaucratic system generates problems and all kinds of corruption . Then every member in the ruling family holds the title of His Royal Highness even children. They have their own privileges, security and protection services , and that resulted from the fact that its members are HH owners and  not because of being responsible in the state. Ruling family members are living in specific places of luxury and had special schooling , hospitals and special services , is this the appropriate pledge of allegiance from the Book of Allah (Quran) and the guides of His Messenger, peace be upon him ?!!

The members of the royal family are excluded from the general regulations customs, inspection and password and fines payment, and cannot be held accountable and be punished,  the family had courts of their own. In addition, the ruling family supports the closed religious fossilized school, led by the senior scholars that resemble the Dutch Church in South Africa, which told the blacks: you are a decadent race and you have to be subject to masters.

Another example, the advisory opinion of the senior scientists committee in bringing in more than six hundred thousand troops from various countries, especially from America and Europe to  fight against Iraqi army in Kuwait. The fact that the government is deciding to bring or not to bring is a political issue,  but who decides?! Is the decision determined by        speak except by order of their  masters !!    recruited senior scholars who do not

The committee members were not publically elected, actually they were employed?! Who called them senior ?! If they were called senior by the governor , does this mean they are senior ?!!

This committee is not elected by the rest of the scholars in the kingdom?! How can we give them  the total authority over the nation?! And thus the permission to allow the foreign troops to enter was directly taken from them !!

They are good, humble and they have deep knowledge in religion but not politics, how can they decide on behalf of people !!

We believe that this is a good example  for the occurrence of errors by the senior scholars  because they imagined that they embody the power of the people and this is a mistake. Suppose they were right in this fatwa, just as an assumption, then why did not they ask the ruler:  why did you participate in the Iranian-Iraqi war ? whom did you counsel ?! Did the ruler counsel this committee ?! That is a question.  Then you issued a decision that permits the use of foreign troops, why did not you require that after solving this problem to give the people authority over themselves  and  found a parliament  through which the ruling family will become the  Abbasid-style Caliph keeping their pride and majesty and respect.

  It was a missed opportunity. The ruler has become in trouble, political confusion and needs to get their fatwas and if the committee asked the ruler at that time of guarantees for the rights of the people or the concept of allegiance and commitment to legitimacy of the nation that would have been obtained. This means that they do not give an advisory opinion except as required by the ruler.

As long as they talk about the foreign affairs and  about the possibility to have a word in these things, why did not they ask the governor about Al-Yamamah deal and hundreds of billions of dollars that went unheeded in  suspicion arms deals? Have they advised him secretly? We haven’t even heard that they asked why the ruling political asylums corrupt rulers such as Zain Alabdin,  have they advised him secretly as well? We haven’t heard that  they asked the ruler about handing some dissident Libyan pilgrims to Al-Gaddafi while they themselves, committee members, are the source of the fatwa that was taken against Al-Gaddafi as a disbeliever !!

They didn’t either ask about bringing foreign troops to protect the country’s ruler nor did they ask about granting Ali Abdullah Saleh and Ahmed Sharif donations and why? Is it to suppress the demonstrations??!!

Nor did they asked about the Saudi six-billion support for Russia? and why? Were they secretly advising him? We have not heard they ever asked about the  support for Algerian army against the peaceful movement that won the elections , so why?

This moral corruption, which is brought by some satellite channels like MBC, have they ever advised him according to their religious principles!!

This is regarding the foreign policy , but how about the internal policy ? They had announced a famous (Fatwa)or an advisory opinion in rejecting the establishment of an association for the Defense of Human Rights legitimacy about twenty years ago , and another famous opinion concerning the prohibition of demonstrations.  That caused many consequences ,launching a spark to increasingly permission to arrest, beat and tortur , and even issued courts sentence according to the committee’s opinion, calling reform as haram , or prohibited,  , then the authorities take this opinion for granted ,  policemen and jailers do paste this advisory opinion on the wall of the prison and tortured prisoner under the pretext of their advisory opinion of the senior scholars.

In addition, to the senior scholars talk about obedience, the preachers used to launch an attack on the reform advocates, some of them suggests to kill or imprison the reformers  for life and so on,  a discrediting in a religious manner.

The fourth is the prohibition of demonstrations, the committee claims about this are in the same statement issued on the same date – after mentioning conversations about the advice and such – that the advice should not be demonstrations and methods which may rise discord and dispersed people, but it rather be an advice that is enacted by the Prophet, peace be upon him and his companions.

Whoever reads this fatwa realizes what I mentioned before about their tricks in the interpretation of religious texts, they make use of confused text to make their own umpires. Who can proves that there is a secret advice in Islam?!!

The Prophet, peace be upon him and his successors did not make such a secret advisory. A woman in Omar’s days stood in the mosque and requested an  increase  in dowry, Omar said ”  a woman was right and Omar erred” . When Omar said: Hear and Obey, Bilal said: neither do we hear nor do we obey, Omar said: Why, O Bilal? He said: I’m wearing one thoabe  and you were two”, they didn’t whisper  in his ear, Bilal and the woman said that in public.

There are no such a secret advice, even the word ” advice” in this sense were not known in the early days of Islam. There is an admonition, advice is a word in the Quranic dictionary which has a sense of sincerity, not a sense preaching.

You, scholars, say there cannot and may not be an establishment of human rights associations and civil society associations and prohibit demonstrations, so what did you do to resolve the issue then ?!! whoever  proposed to abolish something must have another solution or a substitute.

Now you know that  people’s money is lost, what did you do to get it back? Did you ask the ruler why did he excluded Highnesses, judges and dignitaries from traffic encroachment?!

Have you advised him secretly? In the name of law (Sharia) , one can steals freedom and dignity, usurps public money ,violates the rights of the nation and intimidates people by security devices, announcing himself after all as the obeyed ruler!!. Then you became surprised that the Saudi society produces extremism and fanaticism. The current repression ruling members, their guards and tyranny scholars pour oil on the fire.

Have you (the senior scholars) urged a Parliament establishment to successfully convince people with their own way, which is an individual confidential advice!!

The concept of the application of Sharia is confined to individual criminal sentence, the ruler and his entourage, who can sue them! They are the judge? It is told if the judge was your opponent then who is going to judge?

What is senior scholars attitude when the nations funds and territory were taken by the  ruler and his relatives?!

The ruler issued a decision including prohibiting the revival of disused land and relied on a weak opinion, this exact opinion is against the opinion of the Hanbali. The ruler took advantage of  this fatwa to dominate the wealth of the nation and distribute lands to give relatives and corrupt people, they bought lands  for university professors, intellectuals and media men to build residence in the most prestigious neighborhoods in Riyadh. But as for public, they are given lands on the outskirts of cities. What did the scholars do to fight against bribery, nepotism, corruption and waste of public money.

They have constructed a matrix of necessity exceptions, that created frustration and projection to people thus people had to pay the bribe under the excuse of the ruler’s corruption. Those rulers are the ones who have contributed to the creation of rampant corruption and participated in making his statue and carving it and ordering  people to move around it.

Equality disappeared when possession of land, housing and agriculture became the ruler’s properties. The unfair ruler has an absolute power; Preventing people of the revival of the land without his permission, then distributes the land to people on the basis of non-objective, and called the territory of the People a government land instead of calling it the land of the nation or people. Since it is the government property,  they dispose  them as they wish as if country’s legacy was the heritage of their father and grandfather. These Terms of Allegiance, which the senior scholars, say that they are based on legitimate pledge of allegiance and the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him !!

What is the senior scholars attitude when they see the princes steal public lands from coast of Tabuk  to Jizan in the wilderness from Radwa  to Safawa. The senior scholars negligence of the nation’s problems is not confined to saying but acquiescence for the crimes against people and this shows they are totally nonexistent to the concept of science in the Quranic and verse (and when God took the Charter of the People of the Book to clarify it to people and not to hide it).

The senior scholars did not open the unemployment and impoverishment policy files, this policy is pursued by the state for dumping citizen by bit to live a busy life rather than demanding their political rights. They didn’t even ask to stop granting millions of meters of  the territory of the nation to princes. Nor did they say even a word about stealing people’s money in stock, neither about the housing crisis, not a word about the high prices of sustenance.

How can a young employee own a land while the square meter of land is paid with thousands of riyals? Do the senior scholars think what will happen if part of the grants that were given to princes were given to citizens instead? Is not this a good solution for poor people to own houses? And for patient to be treated? And to employ the unemployed? Is not this a good solution to decrease the military or civilian employees’ debts ?!

Accordingly , the committee always gave opinions for the benefit of the ruler but not for the benefit of the people , they are with the unjust ruler against the oppressed people . They did not say a single word about the catastrophe of Jeddah drowning, and they did not ask the ruler about detective torture and excesses . Nor did they ask the ruler Why did the state recruited young people to Afghanistan and then arrested them when they returned. They did not support the enthusiastic youth stream that is peaceful working to develop the state from the traditional regime to constitutional government . No wonder then about  the low level of education and the high prices of private education , and certainly no wonder why the health services are declining and people are suffering of private hospitals high prices. The committee members did not defend the women rights  while their sit-ins demanding to stop torturing their husbands, nor did they say the word while the Commission of Virtue (religious police) had forced women to ride political police cars in Abha and Qassim.

Everybody knows that the senior scholars committee is weak but if they are weak Why do they deprive people from getting their rights through demonstrations? If they are helpless, why do they denied sit-ins and demonstrations and make fatwas to support judges and jailers ?!

Senior scholars made the submission to tyrant as people gateway to heaven!!

Those whom approved the secret advice for the ruler are deceiving, the rights are taken and not supplicated secretly . And those who say that the approach of the Ancestors is the secret denial is a deception to supports tyrant ruler.

It is not a matter of denying private illegal deeds of individual ruler behind closed door, but denying the general political illegal deeds such as violations of human rights carried out by the political police like beating and torturing prisoners, how can you deny that in secret? People likes Dr. Mohsen Al-Awaji  has stated being torture in secret, what has changed? Dr. Mohsen’s report has become efficient only when it was publicized by ACPRA Association and became a testimony against the repression and torture. I wonder  how can defamation, arbitrary detention and torture practiced by government be described as a process of keeping the security of the country?! is this the approach of our the Ancestors ?!

Al- Qassim judge once said that the secrecy of the advice to the ruler is part of his rights unless if he allows advising him in public !!This is not an acceptable error in faith, but  it’s a huge mistake in the concept of  faith !A disruption to the principle of calling for Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

Is not this leading to the deification of rulers? We call claiming for rights an advice that must be secret and that the ruler’s permission must be taken before!! This way in advising the ruler demands patience, perhaps the scholars did not try this way but others did try like Muhammad FahadAl- Rashudi and  Abdullah bin Qood and many others,  God bless their souls. Many tried it the way you say and it did not work.

The Caliphate and the emirate and the Imamate legitimacy is a sort of contract between people and the ruler, an unconditional obedience to the ruler and his clients , and because the nation is the savior of the Book of Allah and the Sunnah “guidance” of His Prophet , peace be upon him, thus the ruler oppressing is a disobedience to God , because he became the nation absolute individual ruler, the Prophet is the only person who is infallible as scholars such as Ibn Taymiyyah said . Torturing people and crushing them in the prisons is a great sin as well . The Ministry of Interior is hiding the torture case and refusing to bring accused prisoners to fair trial. These things are well known to any law students, so how about the prosecutor , Mufti or judge whose duty is to defend the interests of the nation.

Why did they immerse themselves in such fatwas so that can be used by the prosecutor in making malicious cases to destroy human rights associations that reveal their torture. They forgot that legitimate politics for Imamate require that  ruler is making a contract whereby he decide on behalf of the nation, it is not permissible to fret agent by order of the clients.

Finally, why do we blame the governors and their staffs of judges and jailers while we glorify religious scholars and muftis  and these catastrophes resulted from their opinions? Are we patients or victims, poor or liars, or simply hypocrites !!?

This is an important question. We are talking about our problems. Every person is  working in official public position is allegeable for criticism, with conviction that is not to criticize him but to guide him for the good of our nation. Those who suffer from fatwas and had  grievances from their decisions have to complain.

We sometimes do not link things, we want to cherish the senior scholars and to respect them and do not link between them and  others such as judges .Is it possible to say that (JudgeAl- Ajeery) The Unjust when he issued  a thirty- year judgment and keep silent about fatwas of scholars whom he followed such as Ibn Baaz and Ibn Uthaymeen?!

Can we accuse judges likes Al-Ajeery ,Ibn Abd al-Latif , Ibn-Othman, Ibn-Junin  or  Al-Hassani and at the same time praise those whom paved their way to do so? Who had given the ministry of Interior the religious legitimacy , which granted the authorities to flog a whip on the members of the Commission on Human Rights to separate and prison them? It is certainly the fatwas of scholars such as Ibn Baaz and Ibn Uthaymeen.  So why do we curse the jailers and cherish muftis? Are we hypocrites or fools ?!

Who had given the Ministry of Interior the key to imprison the likes of Dr. Salman Al-Awda and Dr. Safer Al-Hawaali? Is not it the fatwas of scholars such as Ibn Baaz and Ibn Uthaymeen !!

I once visited Ibn Uthaymeen along with attorney Suliman Al-Rushoodi and we complain that Khaled Al-Kaffary was tortured and that his leg flesh was torn in prison. He said nothing in a sign of the permissibility of torture. We believed that Ibn Uthaymeen has been influenced by Ibn AlQaiam mistake ​​when he allowed  torturing immortality defendants. Also we ask why was Al-Hudaif Killed ?!

We should not focus on  unjust  judges and ignore the opinions and views of the likes of Ibn Baaz and Ibn Uthaymeen and Scholars. Why do not we link things logically ?! Remember the senior scholars authority when they said” state entity is based on the Quran and Sunnah” which is used by the judges and prosecutors to hit any kind of opposition . Are the Quran and prophets sayings vague and no one can understand it except those scholars who are surrounded  by tyranny and who justify government repression of the freedoms of  people and pass on grievances!?

When we were young, we could hear the adults ask those who returned from Riyadh” how is the rulers ? are they okay ? and then ask how are the elders scholars? Are they okay”. We did not realize that we cherish the bilateral repression: princes and scholars , which limited the responsibility to princes and scholars. Without it, our country would have become the world ‘s best countries ruled by constitutionality . This combination , which began with Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahab, God  bless his soul, was useful , but its utility is relatively constrained in the same time and is not an absolute standard . Now masks have fallen of the twin of religious political repression . The excuse of the ancestors model  cannot continue to serve those who are stealing the money, dignity  and freedom of people. Letters from the former interior minister which ordered to inspect the people in the dawn prayer to persuade people to fear is not useful anymore, he is persuading people with his piety while he forgets stealing the nation’s capital and making restrictions for them . Finally, the scholars thoughts are a copy of the old ideology of Al- Azhar , which cannot be involved in rather than build a modern constitutional nation.

Now we do need a new religious discourse.

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