What is a civil society?

Idiomatic Meaning

There are three meanings integrated in the word “civil”:

  1. To  be designated in the political and social culture by the basis of the state such as human rights which are innately known and confirmed by the laws as the human right for food, housing, education … and freedom and dignity.
  2. The relationship between the ruler and the nation is a contract and a compromise, whereupon the state saves people’s freedom and rights, in equality, justice and dignity, and the people obey on this basis. In this sense, the civil society is not against the state but against the singling of the state and civil society decision appears through associations which reflect the opinion of civil society. Thus, the state do not settle the interests of  people, but people are the ones who decide what their interests are .
  3. That the guarantor against the community assassination and the guarantor of the state long life is to enable the civil society gatherings and relatively-independent  civil  association within the state.

At dismantling  the idiom (civil society groups) we find that it combines three concepts:

  • Any gatherings blocs like unions and associations …
  • Civil is not tribal or racial blocs based on kinship and descent, or regional blocs but are clusters depend on labor specialization and therefore conglomerates five types:political,social,cultural, economic and professional.
  • Non- official means non- governmental.

Concept Establishment

The building of the civil society theory is an European modern philosophy, a life jacket which European fled to escape the jaws of autocracy, such ideas were theorized by   Hobbes, towards constitutional government which was achieved by the English in 1688 AD, and the draft written by Jefferson in the American Declaration of Independence in 1776 AD, and the  French Revolution in 1789

At that time, terms such as the Constitution, the people, the nation, human rights and  law have appeared ……..

Does the Concept Needs Islamization?

The term is new , but the concept is not an outsider and Shura concept in Islam identifies pluralism, dialogue and peace. Islam is the first law of celestial to decide, defend and protect the freedom of belief and texts about this are deterministic, assets of the religion.

Can you imagine that Islam identifies freedom in matters of faith and then force people in matters of policy! Islam had decided some principles, the Prophet and the caliphs began to apply, but the government in their era was limited and did not have room for the emergence of civil society groupings. The caliphate failed  when the tribal community spirit onslaught then the spirit of tribal society emerged with the oppressor regime. Accordingly, the soil for the growth of   the civil society  theory was not ready so it couldn’t emerge as a model pattern for newer generations. It is always important not to mix up between Islam explicit text in the Holy Book and application of the Prophet and his successors with the application produced by the scholars of the Abbasid era .

The values ​​of civil society in the final drafting of the West are a universal  concepts of humanity and any culture can make use of the Western terminology within its system to adjust, smelt and secrete these concepts to suit  with the society’s privacy.

It is necessary to establish our own concept that is consistent with our Islamic system, liberalizing them from their European upbringing  privacy and from the shadows of secularists whom have taken this concept as a tool for the dissemination of secularization and westernization and hit the Islamic trends   and values ​​of society backward.

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